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About us

We are very pleased to present MGM.it, leading company in Europe since 1970, which provides consultancy and creates shopping centers  and Stores for Consumer Electronics, Telephony, Computers, Photos-Video, Home Appliances, Lighting and Wedding List.


The complete autonomy of the production departments, the deep specialization, the continuous creation of new products, research for innovative materials and the use of the most advanced technologies make of MGM.it a unique company.


The design of the commercial areas, performed by architects, engineers and professionals with great experience, the deep knowledge established by the long stay in the global market, the analysis of the rotation of the products to be sold in the store, the analysis of the catchment area, the study of consumer habits and social changes that manifest themselves at international level, offer to those who have placed their confidence in MGM.it  a global consultancy that ensures the maximum results of their investments, with a guaranteed increase of sales.


The store therefore represent to us not simply surfaces to be decorated or filled with shelves, showcases and furniture, but instead commercial areas designed to become "Selling Machines". The industrial and professional involvement, transformed by our clients, in passion and enthusiasm, have made us become the ideal partner of the most important Retailers worldwide. We are very proud to present in the following pages some of these companies, but aware of the difficulties of presenting more than 18,000 stores made in the world, we suggest to visit our website often, where above the updating of our partners you can find news useful for your business.


Cordially, the MGM Team